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Thank you for choosing OCookieOs as a quality gluten-free, high protein, option to offer your customers, we are excited to partner with you!!

Please look over the menu and check out our list t of FAQ's at the Bottom of the page. If you have any additional questions we are just an email, text, call, or DM away.


The OCookieOs

ALL OCookieOs® are gluten-free and high-protein, containing at least 10g of protein per regular sized CookieO. *Vegan, Dairy-Free, and Low Sugar/KETO variations are limited, but available. 

Each OCookieO recipe is developed by our team, with diligently sourced, premium ingredients, including a variety of nuts and plant based Almond Protein Powder. Additionally, OCookieO dough starts with either, Gluten-free Blue Diamond Almond Flour OR our own signature, Oat flour mix, made in-house, from Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Oats.

Pro Tip: OCookieOs® can be heated for up to 10 seconds, in the microwave before opening. This will create a fresh baked taste and heighten your customer's experience. 

Suggested MSRP

OCookieOs® $4.99

OCookieOs® 3pk MiniOs: $4.99

Deliciousness Delivered.™

Orders Received: Monday or Tuesday 

Delivered: Thursday or Friday 

Storage & Shelf Life

*Room Temperature: 

Up to 7-10 Days*. 


Up to 12-14 Days.  


Up to 3-4 Months.                                                      

*OPumpkinOs should be refrigerated to stay fresh up to 5-7 days.

Thawing Insructions:

Refrigerate at least 24hrs before setting them out at room temperature. Thaw as needed for best results.

No matter which method you choose to store your OCookieOs®, it’s important to check after several days that they’re fresh before serving.  


One Time Payment:

All major credit cards, can be processed manually at the time you place your order.


Have your standing order set and Delivered weekly. Our subscription allows you to prepay once for the entire month or once a week for each upcoming delivery, it's up to you. Cancel anytime.

Invoice, PayPal, Venmo, or NET 7
 The option for NET7 will appear on the page after you input your information. We will generate and send you an invoice to make arrangements on how to pay.

PayPal: @OCookieOs

Venmo Business: @OCookieOs 

Thank You!

We truly appreciate you welcoming OCookieOs® into your community and allowing us the opportunity to serve you & your customers. If we can be of service, answer any questions, please email us directly at:

OCookieOs® Family                                            

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