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A little background about OCookieOs®-

Like most Americans our family’s life was put on hold during 2020. The extra time we had at home allowed us to learn new skills- and for me, those skills were in the kitchen, baking.

As a traditional baker with four boys, I was baking more than ever before. However, one of my boys was suspected of having a gluten allergy and if I was going to continue baking, I had to learn how to bake gluten-free and create something everyone would enjoy. 

I learned how to make multiple flours from scratch and tried multiple “gluten-free” store bought flours, and wasn’t able to get the results I was looking for until I started making oat flour. I developed a few good recipes and then one of my boys requested donuts. Unfortunately, my gluten-free donut attempts never turned out. So again, one of my boys had a suggestion- if you can’t make a gluten-free donut, how about a cookie-donut?? 

After months of creating, failing, revising, and taste testings, we finally had a recipe that was just right!
Voilà! The Oatmeal, Peanut Butter, Triple Chocolate Chip, OriginalO, was born!! Our boys and family approved, and we continued to grow from there!

 Since then we have evolved, created and improved more recipes. Originally OCookieOs started off with 6-8g of protein naturally from their original ingredients but a request for higher protein took us down another path of modifications. We tested a number of protein powders but decided that Almond Protein powder yielded the best results.

Now, all of our regular sized OCookieOs have at least 10g of protein which makes it much more filling than a regular cookie or donut, but it doesn’t taste like a powdery protein bar or that it’s gluten-free!  The best part is you get two of your favorite treats at once: the spongey part of a cake doughnut and the cookie’s crispy edges- together-It’s a CookieO! 

As requests for OCookieOs grew, our home kitchen in Omaha, Ne, wasn’t able to keep up and we had to find a commercial kitchen. At the end of 2021 we signed on with Kitchen Council, a shared commercial kitchen, in Council Bluffs, IA and you can now find OCookieOs locally at multiple retailers. (Check out Our Find us Locally page to see where!) 

As a small family business we appreciate your continued support and interest in OCookieOs! We are excited to continue creating, developing, and delivering  new gluten-free recipes to share with you as we grow.

Deliciousness Delivered.™️ 

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