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OCookieOs Mixed Dozens Multiple Options Available

OCookieOs Mixed Dozens Multiple Options Available

OCookieOs Dozens, include a variety dozen of OCookieOs flavors, selected for you. Flavors vary weekly and by Season.

Current Options:

OCookieOs Mixed Dozen: 

12 OCookieOs (Various Flavors)

Vegan  OGalaxyO Dozen:

12 Vegan Cookies & Cream OGalaxyO

Vegan OCrispyO Mixed Dozen:

4 Vegan Vanilla OCrispyO

4 Vegan Chocolate OCrispyO

4 Vegan Twist OCrispyO 

Vegan OGalaxyO/ OCrispyO Mix: 

3 Vegan Cookies & Cream OGalaxyO 

3 Vegan Vanilla OCrispyO

3 Vegan Chocolate OCrispyO

3 Vegan Twist OCrispyO 


Subscribe and have your favorite OCookieOs Dozen  prepared fresh just for you, delivered weekly!

*Subscriptions are billed weekly for one delivery or monthly for four deliveries and can be cancelled any time.

*All regular sized OCookieOs are Gluten Free and have at least 10g of Protein. OCrispyOs are all Gluten Free and have at least 1g of protein. Vegan options available. 

Deliciousness Delivered.™

Curbside Pickup:
Tuesday & Wednesday: 2:30-7:30pm     
OCookieOs @ Kitchen Council 
1001 S. 6th Ave
Council Bluffs, IA 51501          
Contactless Local Delivery:  
Tuesday & Wednesday:
(Also available on DoorDash.)
    Domestic Shipping:
We ship out all domestic orders:
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